Monday, January 17, 2011


Two waterjet giants came up with their latest exhibits at an intervention taking place in New Orleans in United States. The latest of waterjet technology as presented by these companies will take place at the event which is to be on the 22-14 February 2011. They have developed a waterjet which even operates effortlessly at a depth of as much as five thousand feet and below.

The innovation will thus be shown and demonstrated in portable and undersea ultra high pressure Water jet cutting and water blasting technology. This would take place at underwater intervention. Being the leaders that they are, the companies have over the years brilliantly come up with one innovative technology after the other that has greatly helped the ones who use these in their endeavor. As a leading manufacturer, jet edge along with its partner Chucker waterjets have been the pioneers in this field getting the best of technology to their clients who find these innovations to be ultra beneficial. When it comes to developing one after the other inventive underwater tools, these two have continually delivered and well at that over the past many years.

 These see their use in a string of projects namely underwater operations, workboat and shipyard industries, including, portable water jet cutting machines, precision water jet cutting systems and ultra-high pressure water blasting tools. This apart, one may also see their applications in electric and diesel-powered water jet intensifier pumps.
Jet Edge Hydraulic Versacutter portable linear and pipe cutting system; Gyra Jet LP ultra-high pressure lance for surface preparation, coating and corrosion removal; Ultra Deckblaster walk-behind deck blasting system for removing coatings and corrosion; are among the equipment to be shown at the intervention. These are bound to be revolutionary in more than one means. Then again when it comes to safety, these equipments are suited best to the very sensitive and vital underwater marine life and environments.

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DEP has more then made its mark over the years and quite literally at that. The coating specialist is known as a reputable company which offers great quality and at brilliantly affordable prices. Owing to the large demands that simply refuse to cease, the company is now also looking at expansion to help itself cater to its customers much better. For the same, it has now set up a plant in Runcorn, Cheshire. This would also help the company in boosting its web-fed material offerings.

This new facility at Chesire is a large area for starters. It is spread over 1,858m2 and may as well provide with convenient coating and laminating services. Then gain when it comes to the clients list that the company boosts of, it is quite unmatched. DEP caters to customers that come from diverse fields. These include medical, security and even speciality labelling markets among others.

The new facility for once is ultra modern and offers a great many things to the customers. It has solvent and aqueous coating of web-fed materials. This part the facility can also deal in the handling of papers, films, foams, fabrics etc up to as much as 1,600mm wide. The company did not quite make any statements as to how much does the new facility cost but then the investment in the end is bound to be a good one at that.

Jack Kahn, managing director of DEP is looking at going into expansion mode big time and looking at catering to the ever developing digital market. They are thus looking at spreading their wings big time in the printing and packaging industry by also developing a variety of new products.

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