Monday, May 17, 2010

Tampa was where it started for Charlie Gasparino

Charlie Gasparino remembering his last day with The Tampa Tribune says an editor took him and fellow newspaper scribes to a Tampa pub and toasted his decision to leave, noting that "Charlie, you are making the worst mistake of your life."

"It made me think for a minute because I had learned so much in my short time there so it was a tough decision because I was doing pretty well," he said in a recent telephone interview.
Gasparino was working with Tampa for 20 years now and went on to write for Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal (where he was part of team that was nominated for a Pulitzer). He became reporter and commentator for CNBC and now is the newest star at the Fox Business Network.

"This is a competitive business, and breaking news is what I thrive on," says Gasparino, who delights in scooping rivals and even co-workers. “I am paid to produce, and I work hard at it," he says. "I care about issues that affect the pocketbook."

"Doyle Harvill told me that people are busy with their lives, working and raising kids, and they don't have time to work their way through 15 paragraphs of a think-piece," Gasparino says. "They want news, so don't bury the lead 15 graphs into the story."

He only worked in Tampa for about a year – 1990. "I was interested in business reporting, and Tampa had an opening," he says. "I had been turned down by the Dallas Morning News because I didn't have the right pedigree – a Harvard degree." He admits he is a workaholic. "I'm doing Fox Business and appearing on Fox News Channel, writing blogs and articles and working on a second book.'

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